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Who we are

We believe that the big capital of a company is people. They are the real responsible for the level of service and customer satisfaction. An excellent service is, in fact, the result of good teamwork, where everyone gives his best and is actively involved in the activity.

What we do

Discover the company that takes care of the security of your home with the most advanced technical solutions in keeping with your personal style and lifestyle.

Discover the company that before everyone felt that the need for safety is expressed differently from person to person.

ELDOOR’s range of security products is truly enormous and is continually renewed and enriched. With absolute respect to the demands of the times and modern aesthetics, ELDOOR accurately covers any need, even the most demanding in terms of shielding, locks, dimensions, design, creating unique products.

We are one of the first companies to introduce and establish the security door certification with official anti-burglar certificates from recognized European Institutes. We provide Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 security doors, with Thermical certification, soundproofing, airborne certification and even more specialized certified bulletproof or fireproof doors.

Our collaboration with Europe’s leading DIERRE Italy and DE LOME safety door manufacturers as well as the permanent storage of our 7 security door models and 17 colour laminate panels guarantee every professional that he will be able to respond quickly to any demand.